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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 22, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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g a gas station. which is good... because there just might not be one. i'm don lemon in los angeles. a savage beating and now a big arrest in the city. a giants' fan at dodger stadium beaten into a coma on opening day. police hunting the culprit since march. tonight, a suspect and others being questioned right now. we are live in l.a. we have team coverage for you. plus, the pictures are remarkable. a major terrorist attack in pakistan on the naval base. right now commanders tracked down militants who used heavy fire power. we are live in pakistan with dramatic pictures and details.
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and mr. obama goes to europe. one irish town prepares for his presidential visit. we'll have more on the trip and why today he had to explain his recent remarks on the middle east. the best political team live on television live in dublin for you. i'm don lemon reporting from los angeles. the news starts right now. and in just a short time, i want to tell you the lapd will hold a news conference. a news conference to announce the arrest, to announce the arrest in the horrific beating that shocked the nation. in arrest that reportedly came via tip from a parole officer. right now police are keeping details very close to the vest. a slew of officers made an arrest just hours ago at an east hollywood apartment complex just five miles from that stadium. you are looking at new pictures now just into cnn. and we are also learning that a search warrant was served at another location that has been issued. it has been more than seven weeks since giants' fan brian stowe was nearly beaten to death by nearly two out-of-control
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dodger fans on opening day, march 31st. the suspect, now one of them, in custody. but the nation won't soon forget the face of the victim here. and since it happened, his family has wanted the world to hear his story. >> reporter: a packed opening day at dodger stadium in los angeles. a tense confrontation in the parking lot described by witnesses. >> the next thing i hear is a solid punch. he just went down cold. >> reporter: san francisco giants' fan brian stowe hit from behind. police say by two men kicking him, punching him, yelling profanities about the giants. his only offense was his team spirit. >> i think it was a random act of violence against somebody who was wearing giants' colors. >> reporter: los angeles police launched a manhunt releasing these sketches of the suspects. they put 17 detectives on the case. a billboard campaign, more than 300 of them, all over the city pleading for leads. >> we still need the public's
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help. if you know any information whatsoever, please come forward. >> reporter: the dodgers joined the cities of los angeles and san francisco in offering a reward. >> i am announcing an additional $100,000 in reward being put up by the dodgers organization. >> reporter: now an arrest in the case. but brian stowe, 42-year-old father of two, remains in critical condition. his sister erin collins in utter disbelief. >> we all love each other and love him. it has just been so hard. >> again, this story is just developing. we are in los angeles covering it for you live. we have team coverage. i want to go now to our affiliate kabc. this is unedited video coming into cnn. these are people reacting to this arrest. listen in. >> it is really scary to have somebody live that close to you because it is -- in a world, it
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is very quiet around here. as you can see, it is always like this, nice and quiet. so i'm very surprised. >> reporter: great, thank you so much for talking to us. you have such a cute dog. adorable. what's the dog's name? >> romeo. >> reporter: romeo. he's adorable. hi. >> again, we want to tell you that this video is coming in from our affiliate of kabc. that's their feed they taped earlier and are feeding it to us. it is unedited. people were just shocked out here about this rivalry, this rivalry between the los angeles dodgers and san francisco giants. it really goes back before either team even moved to california. there are many indications here that some fans just couldn't leave it on the field. the giants, the team, brian stowe roots for them, and they released a statement. today's arrest in the brian stowe case is welcomed news in what has been a very difficult time for the stowe family. we commend the los angeles
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police department for their hard work and we are confident that they will continue to dedicate themselves until all of those responsible for this senseless act of violence have been brought to justice. again, that is from brian stowe's family. we are still awaiting a statement from the dodgers here and should tell you that los angeles police are saying no interviews with the stowe family. they don't want the media to reach out to them. and they are also saying they will hold a press conference shortly to announce an arrest and other details in this case. so let's go now to where brian stowe is from. that's san francisco. our dan simon is joining us via skype. so, dan, listen, what do we know about the man, if anything, taken into custody? what information are you getting? >> reporter: well, that's a great question, don. joining you by phone here in san francisco, we know that this went down about 7:00 this morning. police there in los angeles raiding an east hollywood apartment complex. you know, there are a lot of reports that the man taken into
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custody had a bald head and tattoos on both his neck and arms. and that seems to match a vague description of the composite sketches that police have put out there in the los angeles area. we know that the suspect did not appear to resist being taken into custody. at this point his name is being with held, but obviously a tremendous amount of relief both here in los angeles and san francisco. this has been basically front page news in san francisco since this happened back on march 31st. the fact that it happened at 7:00 in the morning, obviously, shows this was a well coordinated kind of takedown, if you will, the fact that it happened early in the, mo. they obviously had a good idea that the suspect was at the apartment complex. again, he was taken into custody. no details on his name or age, don. >> dan, if we can come back -- dan is talking about this, this is the composite sketch that has
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been released from the los angeles police department. so one of these two people -- there it is right there on the screen, one of these two people is a person in custody. and one of them is possibly the suspect in this case. the other suspect or other people of interest they are talking to. dan simon is on the phone. brian stowe's hometown is san francisco. dan, when we get the press conference in a bit, some really heavy-hitters here, the mayor, the police chief, other high-ranking officials in the police department as well as a dodgers' representative. it is really just unbelievable here. any word on how police cracked this case because we are hearing that it was possibly a tip from a parole officer? >> reporter: well, it will be interesting to hear the authorities when they talk about it. but "the l.a. times" report that the cops got a tip from a parole agent. the agent allegedly turned in this guy.
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how that came to fruition, we don't know. but this is the kind of case that is big for any community. and it was especially big for los angeles. here you have this guy basically regarded as a hero, a paramedic, a guy with two young children seen here as an every day hero in the san francisco bay area. and just savagely beaten for no other reason than wearing a giants jersey. this is one of the top priorities within the los angeles police department. there were countless billboards all throughout los angeles showing the composite sketches that have been on local news basically every day since march 31st. so police desperately wanted to solve this case and were waiting more details, but obviously what we are hearing is very promising, don. >> dan simon, thank you very much. reporting to us there from san francisco. we have a reporter at dodger stadium as well.
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we'll join that reporter in a little bit. dan said this was big news in san francisco. and here in california, it is really big news all over the country. people were horrified by this case. i'm sure people will be happy, especially the family, to know there's an arrest in the case. more details in a moment. we'll turn to severe weather in the united states now popping up across the upper midwest right now. jacqui jeras is joining us from the cnn severe weather center. the system that came through yesterday, my, oh, my, and now again. >> yeah, today it is more widespread. and we have had confirmed tornadoes on the ground, many of which caused damage. these are pictures from our affiliate kart-tv in minneapolis, where a tornado touched down causing quite a bit of damage. 20,000 people are without power. lots of homes did sustain quite a bit of damage. mostly second-story damage and roof damage from what i understand. this was a relatively brief touchdown that lasted six to seven minutes.
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it moved through north minneapolis over to fridley and pushed up north. some damage there at the airport as well. amazingly at this time, as of right now, no serious injuries. so hopefully that will continue to be the case. now the severe weather threat still stretches some 1,000-plus odd miles with watches in effect from northern wisconsin and minnesota all the way down into parts of texas. most of the rotation has been in minnesota, iowa and wisconsin. but we've got two warnings still at this hour with tornadoes confirmed by trained storm spotters. one in sparta, wisconsin, and one down in slater, missouri. you need to be seeking shelter now. this severe weather will continue through the night tonight. and we are also concerned that a lot of these storms are moving over the flooded areas, don. so we'll be watching the mississippi river, but more importantly, some of the smaller tributaries and streams leading into the mississippi and ohio
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for possible rises. >> all right. if you are anyone where jacqui jeras told you to be safe, heed the warning. thank you. we appreciate it. an attack on a naval air station in pakistan. a large fire is being seen from the base. a live report from islamabad is coming up in moments. plus, president obama speaks to libya's lobbying group on the heels of the controversy of mideast peace on the border of palestinians. a live report is straight ahead. mmpblts of you are asking for questions through social media, twitter and facebook. go to and we are back in moments. that's right. it runs flash. so unlike some tablets we could mention, you get the best of the internet - not just part of it. ♪ flash, aah-ah
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. we have reports right now out of pakistan showing militants launched a surprise attack in the coastal city of karachi. we are live from islamabad where it is early monday morning. stan, what's happening where you are? >> reporter: an operation still ongoing here, don. we understand that the gunmen are still holed up inside the naval aircraft base and commanders have been sent in to try to root them out. according to a naval spokesman, two military officers have been killed and two others injured in this assault.
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he also confirms a dozen gunmen stormed this military complex heavily armed with hand grenades and rockets. their target was a pc-3 plane. why? we are not quite sure at this point, but the plane according to the naval spokesman has been destroyed. now there have been multiple fires. you have seen these dramatic picture os of the fires billowing from the military base itself. and this operation, as i say, is still ongoing. now the militants struck on sunday evening. the fact that they were able to get inside a facility such as this is raising a lot of questions. it also fits with warnings we have had from the taliban just in the past few days that they are going to step up their attacks aiming at the u.s. interests, nato and pakistan. they are showing the capacity to do that once again. don? >> all right. stan, thank you very much. president barack obama heads to ireland where if you didn't know he has ancestry. but first, the address to an
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israeli lobby group over the conflict of this week's mideast speech and comments on the palestinian border. live reports from dublin next. . we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. [ sam ] my first ride lasted just 30 seconds. another reminder of what i couldn't do. ♪ the accident could have been my excuse to quit. i made it my reason to go even harder. ♪ [ male announcer ] helping people achieve without limits. at the hartford it's what we do... and why we're the founding partner of the u.s. paralympic team.
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you see these people? they have nooses around their nick. in israel today protesters accused president obama of promoting a peace plan they
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consider suicide. the president, meanwhile, spoke to israel's lobby in washington explaining what he met between the border of israel and the palestinians in a speech on thursday. >> my definition, it mean that is the parties themselves, israelis an palestinians, will negotiate a border that is different than the one that existed on june 4st, 1967. that's what mutually agreed upon swaps means. it is a well-known formula to have who have worked on this issue for a generation. it will allow the parties themselves to account for the changes that have taken place over the last 44 years. >> well, the president angered the israeli prime minister by announcing the 1967 borders. he shared the president's will to promote peace. bean in keeler is in dublin
3:20 pm
where the president arrives on monday on his six-day trip to dublin. what happens when he gets there, brianna? >> reporter: the first stop is ireland, of course. one of the big things we are waiting for is the president reconnecting with his ancestor roots. his ken an heritage has gotten so much attention, but he's a bit irish uncovered by genealogists when going for the presidency. his great-great-grandfather moved from a tiny place on the road between here and dublin and lemerick. only 00, 300 people live there. it is uncertain if he's going to come there, but they are holding him to the% fact of him coming to hoist a pipt. there are two pubs in town.
3:21 pm
they have been hoping he makes the trip, don. >> just two pubs in town. in all seriousness here, the president -- >> reporter: really, only one and a half, to be honest. >> i want to get to the serious stuff because the president spoke out today to upset mr. t netanyahu. and he didn't change much from what he originally said. did he do enough to mend fences between the prime minister and israeli supporters here in the u.s.? >> reporter: he made some steps in the right direction. he was inconsistent his stance is not a threat to israel. testifies trying to make more clear than the pre1967 borders are a starting point. that they would negotiate borders that looked very different. and that the prime minister is concerned that some areas would be irredefensible.
3:22 pm
we have heard reports that the prime minister was encouraged particularly because of the president's stance on hamas, that he was very strong on this as the israelis saw it because, of course, israel wouldn't be expected to negotiate with hamas if hamas decided -- if hamas continued to say israel doesn't have a right to exist. but you should expect on this trip that the president will also be going to the u.k., he'll end in warsaw, poland. in the middle he'll go to france. under this, these issues should come up as palestine is looking for recognition before the u.n. in september. this is definitely a topic of conversation between president obama and some european allies. >> brianna, really quickly, it is a beautiful shot where you are. where do you stand there? what's that behind you? it is magnificent to look at?
3:23 pm
>> reporter: the wheel? the wheel behind me, this is called the revolver. it separates the north and south side of dublin. i have not had a chance to go up on it, but i'm going to try to go up tomorrow. apparently it's the best view you can get of dublin. it is pretty late here as you know. in fact, all the pubs are starting to close, i should tell you, don. >> brianna keeler, that's why we love you. thank you very much. be safe and have a great time. appreciate your reporting. back now to our breaking news. los angeles police arrest a suspect in connection with the brutal beating of a san francisco baseball fan at dodger stadium. a live report from the stadium is next. but first, more factory jobs and more electronic distractions at work. alison kosik has the details in this week's "getting down to business." >> some good news on the jobs front as factories have been hiring lately increasing manufacturing jobs for the first
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time since 1997. but many of the 250,000 jobs that have been added since the beginning of last year don't pay what they used to. and while it may sound like a big increase, the new hires have only restored about 13% of manufacturing jobs that were lost during the long running recession. electronic distractions from facebook to e-mail reminders could be costing our employers millions of dollars a year. according to a survey from youstamp, most of us waste an hour or more a day on distractions around the office. and 45% of workers say they can't go more than 15 minutes without being interrupted. and speaking of distractions, here's one that's not okay for work. "playboy" announced a new web-based subscription that other web services may follow. the service gives access to every page of all 682 copies of the magazine ever issued. for some it is all about the articles.
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others, they want nostalgia. and they have pictures, too. alison kosik, cnn, news. new york. [ wind howling ] [ technician ] are you busy? management just sent over these new technical manuals. they need you to translate them into portuguese. by tomorrow. [ male announcer ] ducati knows it's better for xerox to manage their global publications. so they can focus on building amazing bikes. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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we want to check your top stories right now here on cnn. police have arrested a suspect
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for the march 31st beating of a san francisco giants fan at dodger stadium in los angeles. right now they are talking to a number of other people who are in custody. the victim, brian stowe, was in a coma and is now listed in critical condition. investigators have been looking fur for with two men, so one more arrest could be coming. police will release details in a news conference in a matter of moments. the air space over iceland's main airport is closed following a volcanic explosion on saturday. there's no impact on european flights yet, but ash could reach britain and northern europe by wednesday. another eruption in iceland caused chaos by shutting down europe air travel that was last year, as you may remember. even the dead can't escape the flood stones here in yazoo city. several caskets floated out of the ground but were recovered after the cresting river moved up. the high water will be around
3:29 pm
for weeks. health officials warn the floodwaters are full of dangerous microbes and bacteria. you heard jacqui jeras talking about the dangerous weather out there. this is new video just into cnn of a severe storm that passed through minneapolis. this happened just a short time ago. as you can see here, a lot of downed trees, root damage and debris tossed all about. no deaths or serious injuries have been reported. one person died last night when a twister ripped through eastern kansas. a town of redding near imporia, took a direct hit from an ef-1 tornado. 20 homes were destroyed and nearly 200 were damaged. black women, uglier than other women? a shocking statement on any level, but it was made in an article that says it was based on science. next we are going to examine it. but first, we want to tell you about this. many cruise lines are offering great deals right now to get you onboard this summer. here's our alison kosik on "on
3:30 pm
the go." >> 2011 started out hot for the cruise industry. >> people were going to cruise. the cruise lines were ramping up the prices. and january proved that to be true. >> but then bookings stalled. >> all the turmoil in the mediterranean scared off americans and they stopped booking. and what that means is there are some deals out there. >> but don't go by price alone. >> make sure you are on a ship that fits your personality. if you pick the wrong cruise for you, and if you save $50, you know, you have not only wasted your vacation but you have wasted your money, too. >> and budget for the extras. >> there are lots of things you can spend money on, casinos, shore adventures, all sorts of things not considered part of the cruise price. even diet coke. >> these incidentals can add 50% to your base fare. >> plan a budget and just have fun.
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all right. breaking news to tell you about. we told you about the arrest in that beating that put a man in a coma at dodger stadium. the los angeles police are about to hold a press conference along with the mayor of the city. now to our reporter from ktla, cheryl, she is at dodger stadium. what are you hearing about this press conference? >> reporter: well, yes, the press conference is starting in about 30 minutes or so, but the
3:34 pm
lapd has made this case a top required priority since march 31st. 17 detectives have been working around the clock on hundreds and hundreds of leads. today they can say we gotcha. a tip from a parole agent led to one of the suspects that beat brian stowe. around 7:00 this morning, hollywood s.w.a.t. ascended on an apartment complex. they used the loud speaker to talk to one of the occupants in the units. one of the men that came out was bald and had tattoos on his neck and arms, similar to one of the sketches of the suspects leased by lapd. now lapd says they have been working numerous leads, about 500 of them, since this incident happened on march 31st here at dodger stadium. brian stowe was wearing his giants' gear walking into the parking lot with several of his friend when two suspects started
3:35 pm
taunting him and then one of them blindsided him and hit him in the back and neck. it didn't stop there. police say when he wasson the ground they started kicking and punching him. then finally they fled in a car that was driven by a woman. again, we have one suspect in custody right now, brian stowe still in critical condition. >> shaifrl, can i jump in here quickly? are you hearing details -- i know police are keeping this close to the vest, but there are details that are leaking out about the suspects. are you hearing anything about them? one, it seems to be, particularly close in description to that police sketch, and we are also hearing that there is a warrant, a search warrant served on another area but police won't say where that area is. what do you know about that? and what's leaking out about the other suspect? >> reporter: don, the person that walked out of the apartment complex definitely matched one of the sketches of the suspect. he was bald and had tattoos on his arms and neck. they did walk into the apartment complex with two warrants.
3:36 pm
one on an apartment complex that the suspect walked out of and another warrant for another participant unit in that same building. but police won't say exactly what they found there or what led them to the two apartment building. we are still waiting on word from the lapd and the mayor as well as the dodger officials. in less than 30 minutes we'll find out much more on today's takedown. one suspect is still on the run. we'll find out more about the hunch for the one suspect. >> we are waiting for that press conference as well. there's cheryl with our affiliate live there at dodger stadium. you can see around her they are preparing for the press conference. this is going to be big news. the mayor is coming out as well as high-ranking members of the police department. we'll have details for you here on cnn. now listen to this. >> you sure is ugly. >> okay. so remember that scene from "the color purple"?
3:37 pm
it is funny, fictional, but a scientific article presumably based on fact makes a similar statement that black women are uglier than other women in other races. people are not finding this funny. this article appeared on the website of "psychology today." a huge uproar followed. the website then pulled the piece. tonight we are going in-depth about this study. if it is part of a message that black women are not as good. so joining us now is sofia nelson, founder and editor of chief of she's gorgeous. she was definitely not in the study. she also wrote "black woman redefined." also, we have a writer for and beverly bond, you are empowering young people. beverly, most of us don't know the details of this study. obviously, they didn't look at
3:38 pm
you when they did the study as well. we just know the title, why are black women less physically attractive than other women? what the heck is going on here? >> you know, this study uses science to justify a racist viewpoint. but i think what's more important is that it brings it back to -- it gives us, much like the don imus situation did, it makes us look at the issue of standards of beauty and how it affects young girls of color. there are so many message that is are -- sorry. >> there's a delay here. i'm in new york, you are in l.a. finish up. >> i think that there are -- this adds to the many messages that devalue and dehumanize and insult and disrespect black
3:39 pm
women. and oftentimes the messages go unchecked without repercussions, which is why i started this to reinforce to women that we matter and are important. >> so, sofia, our first lady is black, obviously oprah winfrey is black, and you can't get more high profile than these two women. so aren't these role models enough to counter something like this because beauty really is in the eye. >> first, thank you for the kind compliment, don. second, you showed the clip from the movie "the color purple." it is one of my favorites. it is two black women talking to each other. sugar is talking to the whoopi goldberg character. she says, you sure are ugly. it fits into the pair dime of who is beautiful and who is not. i read the article before it was pulled. i was one of the people to help get it pulled. at the end of the day, it was
3:40 pm
based on subjective factors of what you like versus what the standard beauty is. it was not based on science. here's the issue i want us to think about at home. why would somebody put an article like that up in the first place? particularly someone that calls himself a scientist? and i'll tell you why, because it is okay to talk about black women that way. whether it is us throwing a pepsi can at somebody and hitting them in the head, we are violent, now we are ugly on top of it. and these are the type of thing that is black women are grappling with in the workplace, in relationships, stereotypes are not funny when they follow you everywhere, as i like to say. >> sofia, you showed a passion that many black women are showing about this story. there's another beautiful black woman in the studio today upset about it. this just really sort of is a gut-punch here. and by saying that you two ladies are beautiful, don't send me the you're sexist tweet, i am just saying they are beautiful. listen, i want to say that cnn
3:41 pm
reached out to psychologists today and the researcher and neither responded. elsie, to you now. who do you blame more, the researcher or psychologytoday for putting it on their website? honestly, people said this study shouldn't see the light of day anymore, don. don't do a report on it. >> well, i definite will have to point the finger at psychology today. you can't control how somebody thinks or how they justify their own biases. but for them to not put the brakes on this is disturbing. it is sort of reminding me back when golf week had the noose on the cover in relationship to tiger woods where you wonder where in the editing process did this not stop? how come there was not a voice in the room that said, this is not fair, think is racist and not what we are about? this didn't happen until after the outcry. that's far more disturbing than some racist who tried to justify this with science. >> elsie, your article placed a
3:42 pm
lot of emphasis on the role of black men and their responsibilities. what do you mean by that? >> well, first of all, when he says black women are ugly, he's not talking about people that are on the outside that we don't know or see. he's talking about our mothers, our sisters, he's talking about our lovers and cousins. he's talking about people that we know and love. and so i think it is our responsibility that when someone is attacking somebody close to us that we stand up and say something. we make a generalized statement that black women are ugly, he's talking about my mother. so i have a beef with that and that's why i wrote the piece. >> you don't talk about a black man's momma. that is not good. beverly, real quickly, give me a short final statement on this study. >> well, i think that this is completely racist. it is insulting. it is disrespectful. black girls rock. black women, our features are --
3:43 pm
people are paying top-dollar to go to plastic surgeons to get our features from our hips to our lips. >> i'm going to let sofia jump in. i need a short closing statement from you, sofia, as well. >> don, agreeing with beverly an your gentleman there, we as black people need to figure out why this is happening. i'm a lawyer and like to get why he felt like he had to put this up. that's what troubles me. >> okay. i'll say this, everybody is, you have to go back to this, black is beautiful. thank you, guys. we'll be right back. on the new blackberry playbook? ♪ flash, aah-ah that's right. it runs flash. so unlike some tablets we could mention, you get the best of the internet - not just part of it. ♪ flash, aah-ah
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an indiana town is building up its economy by making the daily commute faster and more fuel-efficient. cnn's tom foreman explains. >> i started at zero. >> reporter: north of indianapolis in the suburb of caramel the mayor has been going around in circles for years over traffic jams. >> roundabouts are everywhere. >> reporter: he's done away with traffic lights in 80% of the
3:47 pm
town's major intersections replacing them with roundabouts. whirlpools of traffic keeping people moving. >> this made a huge difference in the way our city looks and feels and the way people get around. >> reporter: roundabouts not to be confused with bigger, more intimidating roadries on the east coast, are designed to smoothly sweep drivers in from any direction slowly guiding them around and just as easily letting them out and on their way. since cars don't stop commuters save time and officials say use 30% less gas at intersections. >> roundabouts can handle four to five times the amount of traffic in the same amount of time that a stoplight intersection can have. >> reporter: the mayor says intersection accidents are also way down improving insurance rates. and the city saves money, too. >> we don't have to buy $150,000 signals. we don't have to buy electricity every year. we don't have to replace it after 15 years when all the
3:48 pm
mechanical equipment wears out. >> reporter: some drivers and pedestrians don't like roundabouts but local officials insist this simple idea is building up the quality of life here and that's building up the business climate all around. tom foreman, cnn. all right. the french open got underway today in pari and there's a man dominating tennis many americans don't know. we'll ask don wartheim about him next. g upur wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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like every single american airlines flight. orbitz doesn't have them. but you'll find all 3,400 of them at every day.
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>> if i ask you who the most dominant athlete in the world is, who would you think? this person is according to sports illustrated yet many americans have never even heard of his name. meanwhile the most famous cyclist anywhere is denying new doping accusations so let's talk about all of this with sports illustrated john -- oh, you put on a tie for us. look at that, john, thank you very much. this is a new issue that includes a profile, the best tennis player in world, heading into the french open. who is this guy? can't even really say his name, john. >> he is from serbia, he is
3:52 pm
ranked number two, but has a lot to match in 2011. if this guy were from omaha or wichita, we would know all about him. but he is playing on the other side of the world. a little bit of an unknown in the u.s. i think if he wins the french open, which is lot of people think he will, his profile will rise. but he is having a sensational year. >> novaq, how good was he before this year end did he come out of nowhere john? >> no, he was sort of a thirdally to roger federer. they were the two top dog. he was third for a long time sort of a lot of us thought he would be the player that would crack that. but i don't think anyone saw him going six months without losing a match. he has beaten about four time running. this is a sensational run he is on. >> who are the favorites in paris? and while we are on it, where are the american players?
3:53 pm
>> chuck under the couch for the american. i think the favorites are jocovich and some of this is globalization and the world is flatter and in this case good tennis players are produced everywhere. but the williams sisters aren't playing. andy roddic is not playing. it is not a good scene. if you root for the americans at the french open, you better fly that flag early. american tennis, not in a great place. >> let's go to another sport. let's talk about a name everyone know. lance armstrong. tyler is accusing him of doping. i want you to licen to this. >> i saw it in his refrigerator, you know. i saw him inject it. more than one time. >> you saw lance armstrong inject epo?
3:54 pm
>> yeah, like we all did. like i did many, many times. >> okay so armstrong is again, denying it, john. here is what he is tweeting. 500 drug tests worldwide, in and out of competition. never a failed test. then he ends it by saying, i rest my case. >> anything new here? >> i think what's new is that, i mean this isn't the first teammate or first person that's come forward. this is the context of a federal investigation. this is serious, under penalty of perjury. we are getting closer and closer. these are teammates. this is the inner sank tum. there are a lot of people that don't want to believe this for a variety of reasons. but case against armstrong is mounting. it is true he never failed a test but never did mcguire or marion jones. that is no longer an absolute defense. i just think that a lot of people want to believe lance for
3:55 pm
a variety of reasons, not least his work with cancer. but you lay out the evidence in the circumstantial case against him and it gets worse and worse. >> does it tarnish his image permanently. these allegations? >> you know, i mean i think -- i think the camps are already divided. some people say look what he has done for cancer, it doesn't matter. it is petty compared to the what he's done. i think a lot of people aren't being swayed any more. >> okay so i want all of our viewers. it is john, underscore, wortheim and tweet him and tell him how much you like the suit. thank you. >> let's check your top stories before we get out of here on cnn. police arrested a suspect for the march 31 beating of the san francisco giant's fan at dodger
3:56 pm
stadium in los angeles. right new they are talking to a number of other people in custody. the victim, bryan stow is now in critical condition. investigators have been looking for two men. at least one more arrest could be forthcoming. police will release more details in a news conference in a matter of moments. cnn's allen duke is at the dodger stadium and he is on the phone with us now. what are you hearing? >> i'm standing very close to l.a. mayor who is about to speak, as is the l.a. police chief. they are going to tell us, i expect, the name of the person they arrested at 7:00 this morning in an apartment about five miles from dodger stadium, in the parking lot, also not far from where bryan stow was beaten, and a search for the second suspect. the mayor is just about to speak. >> and our alan duke is there.
3:57 pm
they are setting up at dodger stadium. again, there's been an arrest in the 42-year-old single father, bryan stow, from san francisco. a giant's fan beaten in the parking lot on march 31 at dodger stadium. i believe supposedly by a dodger fan or fan. and we're waiting this press conference. we may get a second or so in here as he starts to speak. but again, a representative from the dodgers there as well. as well as high ranking official. from the police department. our alan duke is on the phone. so alan, stand by, we will have you update us at 10 p.m. >> yes. >> again, i thought we would get the mayor. but anyway, we will see you back here at 10 p.m. eastern. we will have that news for you. a special report, patrick kennedy, coming clean, dr. sanjay gupta reports.
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